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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  - Gandhi


Learn and Serve Tampa Inc provides K-12 youth with opportunities for meaningful community service and empowers youth to be service leaders in their community.  We envision a world in which service opportunities are readily available, accessible, and inclusive, and provide spaces for developing leadership skills and civic engagement in personally meaningful community service.


Host Events for National Days of Service

Share Service Opportunities  

Provide Resources for Meaningful Service


Increase # of Youth Volunteers in Underserved Communities

Reduced # of Disengaged Youth 

Increased # of Youth Leader Candidates from Underserved Communities



Our Core Values

Student-centered education: Education is a process that needs to be entirely student-centered.

Youth Empowerment: Youth should be empowered to take action on issues that impact the world they are inheriting.

Democratic Thought: Not just what it is, but how you do it. The important role of self-discipline, respect for the rights and beliefs of others, and the process of teamwork and collaboration.

Equity and Equality Matter: An intentional focus on supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion of all human beings.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People: All institutions must adopt and lean into social and environmental sustainability goals.

Service for the Common Good is a Civic Responsibility: Service to others is expected of all. It is not a set of hours to complete. It is a moral imperative to sustaining human civilization. It is a key component to winning in life.

Our Services


National Days of Service


Service Locations


Free Resources

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